Coffee Talk #6: Ghost Adventures

Warning: this is a rant that I toned down A LOT when edited it.  Therefore, it may or may not make sense.

I've always loved the paranormal.  I've been watching paranormal shows since elementary school.  The idea that there is something beyond science fascinates me.

My latest favourite is Ghost Adventures.  In essence, the show follows three investigators who go into some of the most notoriously haunted locations (I'm watching the Waverly Hills episode as I type this!).  They go into these locations on their own, and are their own camera crew.  They're on to something with thing, and catch some crazy evidence in pretty much every episode.  I'm seriously hooked.  This is basically all I've done for several days.

I have one huge issue with this show.  These guys are all believers, and their is nothing wrong with that.  The problem is that, in my opinion, you still need to approach these investigations with a healthy dose of skepticism.  These guys approach their investigations with no skepticism, and it sometimes feels like they're pulling evidence out of nothing.  They can circle orbs and I still won't see them.  Some of their EVPs are questionable.

I love this stuff, and I do believe in ghosts.  That being said, a lot of claims can be disproved as other, natural things.  There are things beyond science that we don't understand.  I am a strong believer in science, but science isn't fool-proof.  Maybe someday we'll know what comes after death, but until then...

On to the Stanley Hotel episode!

Much love, Samantha

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