That Time I Met Cassie Clare...

Way back in November 2012, I took a bus and a train and went to visit a dear friend of mine, Keen, in Toronto.  We had planned this to line up with a signing by Cassandra Clare.  I'm a huge fan of hers, to the point that I force feed The Mortal Instruments books to virtually everyone, Keen being no exception to the rule.

This was also our first book signing!  Ever!

Meet Keen, who is re-reading the scene where we meet Magnus.

From Keen's place, we hopped on the subway and made it to the bookstore by 1:15 for a 2 PM signing.  In retrospect, we should have left A LOT earlier.  There was a ton of people (it's like Toronto is a big city or something?).  They gave everyone in line a number, putting us into groups of 20.  Keen and I were in group 30.  They stopped giving out numbers after group 35.

I documented our adventure using the note app on my iPod.  And now I present our wild day to all of you.

1:30 PM: We finally found the end of the line.  We're in front of the cookbooks.  Not good.
2:30 PM: We still haven't moved, and can hear yelling upstairs.  No clue what is going on right now.
3:30 PM: Still haven't moved and the cookbooks are getting the best of us.  Where can we find grilled cheese around here?

4:44 PM: We have left the line.  A nice Chapters lady told us just to come back later, but that there was a chance our group may not even get our books signed.  The mall was "cray-cray" and we were craving carbs and water.  Entering survival mode.
5:17 PM: Finally found a food court!  Time to refuel with a Canadian classic: the Poutine!
5:32 PM: Food done.  Now, to find somewhere to crash for a while.
6:03 PM: Returned to Chapters to find about 200 people still in line ahead of us.
6:30 PM: Someone brought an adorable puppy into Chapters and Keen is in love with the thing.  We are crashed out in front of audiobooks now and have some Ke$ha stuck in our heads?  At least we have music while we wait.
7:08 PM: The line is moving...
7:15 PM: We can see her now...

7:33 PM: So close now...

7:38 PM: Six hours later, we have made it.  Books are signed and we are tired, but it was all worth it.

Cassie Clare is an awesome person and just as funny in person.  I wish we could have heard some of the Q&A, but such is life.  If you get the chance to got to one of her signings, jump on it.  Just make sure you bring water and an energy bar.  You may need it.

Much love, Samantha

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