Yes, my photo editing skills
require some work...
Hey guys,  it pains me to make this post, but I have to take a hiatus from Reading-AndCoffee.  I have been trying to avoid this for a while, but school has taken a turn for the worst, and I really need to take some time to regroup and try to get my grades back up (such is the life of a scholarship student...).

Don't fret though, I write my last exam on December 12, and will be officially back in business on December 13th, 2012!  I will also still be reading and commenting on your blogs throughout my temporary break, and I'm constantly on twitter.  So, until then...

Much love, Samantha


October Favourites!

Happy Novemeber Everyone!

Today I bring you some of my favourite things from October.  I love watching favourite videos on YouTube, so I bring you my version.

Favourite Book: Easy by Tammara Webber (review coming soon!)
I actually LOVE this cover!
Favourite Song: Some Nights by fun.

Favourite Caffeinated Beverage: This local coffee shop had a "Jack'o'Latern" Latte.  No joke, it tasted like pumpkin pie in a cup.  Ah-may-zing.

Favourite Cereal: My roommate and her boyfriend may have brought me Trix from the states.  Canada, get your act together!

Favourite Random Act Of Kindness: One of the city bus drivers was giving out candy on Halloween!

Favourite Method of Procrastination: Sudoku.  I love it so much more than Solitaire.

Favourite Discovery:  Bananas don't grow on trees.  They grow on a type of grass!

The "Least Favourite": That day when Reading Break ends, and you have to go back to University life.

What I'm Most Looking Forward To In November: Finishing my current nursing placement, and ending almost being done with this semester!

Anything I should add for next month?  Leave me a comment with some of your favourites!

Much love, Samantha