Road Trip Wednesday: Love List

It's Road Trip Wednesday, a "Blog Carnival" hosted by the lovely ladies over at YA Highway.  They pose a weekly reading/writing question, and through the comments, you can explore and find out everyone's take on the topic.

What is your novel's "Love List"?

Again, I did this from a reader's perspective, rather than a writer's.  The list of things I love in books is a little odd and all over the place.  I sat down with a piece of paper and just started writing down random things I like in books.  I hope you enjoy this exhibition of sarcasm!
  • leather pants
  • sexual tension
  • sharp, pointy things
  • guys with big guns (take that as you will)
  • assassins
  • fighting classes
  • hot neighbours
  • drunken monolouges
  • falling in love
  • smart-ass comments
  • exotic locations
  • masquerades
  • long adventures
  • best friends
  • balancing bravery with stupidity
  • first kisses
Now you tell me.  What's on your "love list"?
Much love, Samantha


  1. As a reader, I agree with a lot of what's on your list—first kisses, smart-ass comments, sexual tension, and adventures. I'm also a sucker for the whole best friends fall in love thing. Oh, and assassins, which I see now that you mentioned. GRAVE MERCY and THRONE OF GLASS are two with assassins that I recently read and loved.

  2. I really like your comment on balancing bravery with stupidity. I think that sometimes characters do things for bravery and it turns out being stupid. I also love masquerades!

  3. I love much of these as a reader too, and find them fun to write as well. I think we do that when we write, we want to give people what gets our juices flowing. (A response to your thinly veiled interest in boys with big guns and lots of kissing.)

  4. Gotta love leather pants and sexual tension (and definitely when they go together!) Great List!

  5. Sharp pointy things are the best. Like Buffy's favorite stake "Mr. Pointy" haha Thanks for sharing. :D

  6. love, love, love first kisses. and if it's combined with bravery and stupidity? I'm there.

  7. I liked your "sharp, pointy things" one. I take that as "killing things, but having FUN doing so." XD

  8. Sounds really fascinating! Especially because you called your list an "exhibition of sarcasm." Hmmm.


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