Top Ten Tuesday: Couples Outside Of Their Books

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This week, the topic is...
Top Ten Romances That You Think Would Make It In The Real World
(Or Would They?)

As usual, I'm cheating a little.  I have five for each side.  We all want the hero to fall helplessly in love, but let's face it, YA books aren't always realistic.  So without further delay...

5 Relationships That Would Last...
  1. Oliver and Hadley (The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight): Okay, so this one may be a little out there, but I have complete faith in these two!
  2. Jack and Saba (Blood Red Road): These two went through enough crap to last a while.  Rebel Heart, don't disappoint me...
  3. Claire and Shane (Morganville Vampires): Again, after 12 books worth of villians trying to rip them apart, I have complete faith in their relationship.
  4. Grey and Dylan (First Comes Love): These two just balance each other out perfectly.  Soul mates, if you believe in such a thing.
  5. Cate and Finn (Born Wicked):  They may not be officially together yet, but mark my words, it is meant to be!
And 5 That May Not...
  1. Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars): I know it doesn't work out as well in the books as on TV, but in real life, these two have no chance.
  2. Cas and Anna (Anna Dressed In Blood): A ghost and a human would never work.
  3. Edward and Bella (Twilight): Not even going there.
  4. Perry and Aria (Under The Never Sky): The circumstances of the book are the only reason these two are together.  I doubt these two would make it in our world.
  5. Samantha and Bishop (Dark Kiss):  Somehow, I think that whole I-must-touch-you-or-go-insane-bit may be a little too exaggerated for a real life scenario.  Plus, Samantha would totally be falling for Kraven.
Much love, Samantha


  1. We know, don't we, that most of these relationships could never work. Still we hope....

    Here's my Top Ten Book Romances That Would Make It In the Real World.I hope you will stop by!

  2. LOL. Aria and Ezra, no! That would be just..weird..and..not good. Oh no! They would NOT make it in real world. Edward and Bella..uhm..NO! Great list.

  3. I love that you mix things up! And I agree: Edward and Bella wouldn't make it in the real world for even a second! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love that you included couples that would and wouldn't make it! I haven't read any of the books from your would make it, but I definitely agree about Edward and Bella not making it... :P

    My Top Ten

  5. Edward and Bella definitely wouldn't make it. Nice! Great list.

    Come check out my top ten!

  6. Awesome list! I really like how you included both couples that could and could not survive in our world.

    I definitely agree with your choice of Aria & Ezra not being a great couple in our world. They would definitely end up being caught.

  7. I love how you included couples that wouldn't work as well. I agree completely with Edward and Bella. Great list!

  8. I love how you did five that would and five that wouldn't. Glad we are on the same page with Shane and Claire. Completely agree about Bella and Edward! Jacob would suit her much better in real life I think!


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