Book Review: Betrayals by Lili St. Crow

Published November 17th, 2009
304 pages (Paperback)
She’s no angel...

Poor Dru Anderson. Her parents are long gone, her best friend is a werewolf, and she’s just learned that the blood flowing through her veins isn’t entirely human. (So what else is new?)

Now Dru is stuck at a secret New England Schola for other teens like her, and there’s a big problem—she’s the only girl in the place. A school full of cute boys wouldn’t be so bad, but Dru’s killer instinct says that one of them wants her dead. And with all eyes on her, discovering a traitor within the Order could mean a lot more than social suicide...

Can Dru survive long enough to find out who has betrayed her trust—and maybe even her heart? (From Goodreads)
I read this book as part of an omnibus of books one and two.  You can read my review of Strange Angels here.

This is one of those book where I wanted o know what happened, without having to actually read it.

I really to like the blunt, to-the-point, snarky writing style.  If Dru and I were having a conversation, that is how it would sound.  However, if she refers to Christophe as smelling like apple pie one more f**king time...  That was almost enough to make me never look at the book again.  I get it.  Move on.  Geez.

Then there is the romance.  Okay, it's starting to build, but I'm still not impressed.  The love triangle feels weak, and is going nowhere fast.  Let's just pick Graves and move along.

Somehow, despite how many little things irritated me, I still wanted to know what would happen.  The premise of the book is interesting to me, but the less exciting scenes really drag on and on.  I want to read the next book, and find out what happens, but I don't want to actually read it.  Congrats Betrayals, you have successfully frustrated me.

Much love, Samantha

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