Coffee Talk: Slumps

Slump.  That's the best word I can come up with to describe my mood currently.
I read a couple of awesome books to end June that were absolutely amazing.  Since then, I've had a hard time getting into anything.  I've picked up several books, and set them down.  I finished a book that I thought I would love, and struggle through it.  I even got a few awesome ARCs last week.  I'm having a hard time getting into anything.

I thought that maybe I just needed to read something that I knew I would love, so I picked up a favourite of mine and reread it.  I loved it, but ended up feeling worse than when I started.
I didn't post much this week.  This is actually the only post I've written this week.  Both my reviews were already written.

Part of this was an that I was away for a couple days, but I've also felt like I've had no creativity or motivation.  I just don't know what to write or talk about.  I even have a list of things already planned, and I can't get the words to come out.
Life has been hard on me for a couple weeks, too.  I've received not-so-fantastic news and felt like I have had very little support through it by those around me.  I'm having a difficult time being back home again, in the middle of nowhere, while all my friends have been moving on with their lives.  I'm really questioning the decision I made to move back home, even though I know that it makes the most sense right now.  

Work has also been awful.  To be frank, I have not been treated well by my coworkers.  I have worked non-stop since I returned, taking shifts for everyone, and no one is willing to help me back.  It's hard to feel completely unsupported at your job, especially when it's a crappy job.  I know it's just for the summer, but it's beginning to really wear on me.

So, yeah.  My life is in a little slump right now.  The blog may be slower for a bit, but the goods will still be going up.  Any words of wisdom on how to get up out of it?

Much love, Samantha

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  1. Hang in there my friend! I've been there and can tell you first hand that I've made it out on the other side. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you get out of your slumps soon.


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