September Recap!

Oy, where did September go?

Seven books isn't bad, all things considered.  I picked up what felt like a billion books this month, and had a hard time getting into anything.  I didn't DNF anything, I just read the first few pages of a lot of books.  That's a good thing for those above, because it means that I really enjoyed them all!

September also meant starting my second last nursing placement!  I'm loving it so far, even though it means working *almost* full time for no pay (it would be full time, but the school put a cap on me for 72 hours every two weeks).  Honestly though, I'm only 6 shifts in and I've learnt so much.  Rural hospitals FTW.

The hospital is 20 minutes away from my house, which means I need a driving anthem.  This month it was...
Luke Bryan is god-like.  I love his whole Crash My Party album.  Out Like That is another great track, if you're interested.

More of a TV person?  I devoured all of New Girl and the first four seasons of Flashpoint.  Both are fantastic, and Flashpoint is Canadian so #winning.  Although I am a lot more afraid of Toronto now...

But back to books.  The winner in my head this month was...
Fangirl was a *very* close second, but the Hector feels won out.  Here is my full review, but The Bitter Kingdom was just a fantastic conclusion to an amazing trilogy.  I'm still in denial that it's over.

Hope you guys all had a great summer, and I'll see you in October!

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