Coffee Talk #1: Uhm... Why Book Blogging?

Every Saturday, I am going to post a Coffee Talk blog!

And what is Coffee Talk you may ask?  Well, I figured my book ramblings would be nicely accompanied by other ramblings from my life.  And coffee needed to be incorporated.  After all, this is Reading-AndCoffee...

Next question: why am I rambling about books and coffee and such in the first place?

You see, it all started one day when this badger...

Kidding... Sorta...

Just over a week ago, I sat the book I was reading down (I think it was City of Lost Souls) and went to bed.  But as I was lying in bed, I kept thinking about the book and how I just wanted to talk about it with someone.  I mean, a lot of my friends read, but none of them read anywhere close to as much as I do.  And it all just clicked in my mind.

So I woke up that next morning and started this blog.  I mean... why not?

My friends didn't quite understand.  They all kinda looked at me like I had lost it.  The conversation then drifted into a discussion of how to get Samantha out of the house more often.  Sorry, but I like books.  And I get out enough!  Maybe... okay, I could definitely get out more, but it doesn't change anything.

And that is the story of my blog.  Yeah, the badger story would have been more exciting, but such is life.

Much love, Samantha
Ps.  Badgers are actually mean bastards and should never be trusted!

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