January Favourites!

First off, Happy Groundhog Day.  Anyone know how that went?  I slept through it.  Oh, shucks.  I'm ready for the end of the crazy weird winter weather here.  Anyways, on to the point...

Favourite Read: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi (review)

Honourable mentions go out to my other two 5-star reviews this month, The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson and Shades of Earth by Beth Revis (review)

Favourite Song:

Favourite Movie: I have watched Pitch Perfect far too many times.  I even did a Coffee Talk on my thoughts.

Favourite Caffeinated Beverage: Second Cup Paradiso for my Tassimo is blissful.

Favourite Long-Overdue Sport To Return:  #hockeyisback.  Rejoice fellow hockey fans, and prepare Toronto for the Stanley Cup parade.  Yeah, I went there...

Favourite Flavour: I've been in love with everything coconut this month.  From treats to candles to lip chap, coconut has been the way to go.

Favourite Person I Lost:  My uncle passed away from a long battle with Leukemia this month.  He meant a lot to me.  Before I left for University  I used to see him everyday.  I'm having a hard time accepting that he is gone.  I love you Uncle Ron, and I know your in a more peaceful place now.

Much love, Samantha

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