Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

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This week, the topic is...
Top Ten Seven Bookish Memories

This list was harder to write than I actually expected.  I'm just going to get straight into it...
  1. Last November, I met one of my favourite authors.  Feel free to check out my post about meeting Cassandra Care by clicking on this lovely link.
  2. Two of my best friends and I went to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn, which was actually really fun.  I then proceeded to go to my high school job for 6 AM the next morning.  Not my brightest move ever...
  3. Starting this blog was a light in a dark patch for me.  I may not be the best blog around, but I love you all and am having a blast.
  4. Finishing Anna Karenina was a triumph for me.  Everyone questioned why I chose it for my big 12th grade English project, but I finished it and that's all that counts.  Plus, I got a good mark.  Suck on that.
  5. My friend Hannah has recommended most of my favourite books and series to me.  From Ellen Hopkins to Cassandra Clare, I owe you Hannah.
  6. The other person I can really bond with over books is my mom.  The lady means the world to me, and has truly shaped me into the crazy book-lover I am.  Thanks Mom, and keep it up.
  7. Vampire Academy.  Okay, so I have always read a lot, but for a while I really didn't do that much.  My mom bought me VA thinking I would love it, and I immediately told her the title was stupid.  I read it anyway, and credit it for me completely falling back in love with reading.  I've been a little obsessed ever since!
What is your favourite bookish memory?

Much love, Samantha


  1. I think finishing Anna Karenina is a huge triumph, and one I am unsuccessful with, and I bow down to you a little. That is one triumph I have not been successful with. I remember losing a lot of sleep over midnight releases with early work mornings the next day. The things we do for books. =)
    Deidra @ Simply Books.

  2. I agree--finishing Anna Karenina is a big accomplishment! Funnily enough I have finishing War and Peace on my list...oh Tolstoy!

  3. That's so cool that you got to meet Cassandra Clare. She's one of the top authors I'd love to meet, along with JK Rowling! :D

    My Top Ten Tuesday Post


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