Coffee Talk: The Art of Living With Your Parents

Guess who officially lives at their parents house again?!

Okay, I'm making this a bigger deal than it actually is.  I'm still only 20 years old.  Living with my parents is fine.  The problem lies in that I have gotten so used to living on my own.  

Independence is a funny thing.  I still have my independence   I have my own car, and can come and go as I please, but it feels so strange.  My family and I have always been very close, but the distance kind of made us fonder.  

I'm not just home for summer.  I'm home for the foreseeable future.  All of the nursing placements that I've applied for are closer to my parents than my school.  So I packed up my
stuff, left my student house and came home.  

I should say that my parents are trying to make this easier for me.  They painted my room and helped me redo it to fit me better.  See the orange in the photo?  Yeah, I live in a cantaloupe, and I kind of like it.

I'm not really sure what point I am trying to make here.  I think I'm just trying to work through my mixed feelings about this change.  It really isn't a big deal, but it feels like one.  It's been a week now since I moved back in, and it's been event free, minus one non-significant disagreement with my mom.  I think the hard part is that all my friends are living fair distances away.  I live in kind of a one-horse town, where nothing happens and that's exactly how everyone likes it.  

Okay, so I really don't know what point I am trying to make now.  I guess I thought I would just ramble out an update on my life...

What are you guys up to on this fine Saturday?  Any advice on moving back in with your parents?

Much love, Samantha

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  1. I WISH I had advice on moving back home. Instead, that's what I'll be doing(not very happily) in about three weeks. I'm in the same situation as you.
    I'm at home until I get a job, which could take who-knows-how long--anywhere from a few weeks to six or seven months. Yikes! And I get along great with my family, but I feel it's just going to be so . . . boring. Yay one stoplight towns. So if you do find advice, I can use it too!


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