Top Ten Insta-Buy Topics

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This week, the topic is...
Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Instantly Buy

I've never really thought about this before.  I'm not sure how to answer this.  I do have certain authors that I will instantly buy books by, but not really certain topics.  Therefore, here is a really random list of things that I really like in books, and will instantly buy if they are mentioned in a book description!
  1. Leather Pants (had to add it.)
  2. Assassins
  3. Daggers or other various sharp weaponry
  4. Top Secret missions and government plots
  5. Sports (hockey, baseball, football, anything really.)
  6. Deadly (anyone else see a trend of violence?)
  7. Glowing Aliens (had to do it)
  8. Boarding School/Private School
  9. Accents
  10. Badasses
Okay, so now we have reaffirmed that I enjoy violence in my books.  I'm not even angry about it.

Anyone have any recommendations based off this?  Send 'em my way!

Much love, Samantha


  1. It's funny how accents can be sexy, even in a book!

  2. ohh... assassins! nice one! Lovely list :)

  3. Man... Imagine a book set at a British boarding school where the field hockey team secretly trained as assassins...and the main character makes out with a rock star in leather pants. Hahaha... I'm pretty much down with all your violent choices!


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