Coffee Talk #3: How Gravy Got Me Thinking

You know those fry stands you see along the side of the highway?  I work in one of those.  It's a long story and I'll likely talk more about it later, but that is my summer job right now.

It's pretty chill actually.  I make food for people, and when it's not busy, I get to sit in the sunshine and read.  So at times, I'm getting paid to read.  Which I really like.

The one thing I hate about my job, other than constantly smelling like a french fry?  Gravy.

I can't get the shit to thicken!  My gravy always turns out like water.  It's not even that complicated of a process.  You heat the water, then gradually add the gravy mix, while stirring, until desired consistency is reached.  But do you think I could get it right?  Hell no.

Until yesterday, that is.

My first pot was just as crappy as all the others.  I was determined though, much to the entertainment of my coworker.  So I took a different approach on my second pot of the day, and I nailed it.  My gravy was perfect.  Third pot of the day worked too.  I have beaten the gravy.

So after I tackled that second pot of gravy, I got to thinking.  Making good gravy is such an insignificant little thing, but I took so much pride in being able to make a decent pot of it.  My customers didn't seem to care that the gravy in their poutine was watery.  I still felt bad though, every single time (and people were ordering a lot of poutine).

If only we took this much pride in all our little successes.  It's easy to congratulate the big things, but it is important to remember the little things too.  That spark of happiness can be enough to turn around a gloomy day.

I challenge each and every one of you to start the week off right, and celebrate something small today.  Who knows, those small things may begin to add up.

Much love, Samantha
P.S. Yes, I will keep you updated on my relationship with the gravy.


  1. Ok, I give up... what the heck is poutine?

    Seriously, though, making good gravy is an accomplishment. If I make it at home, I either can't get it thick enough, or it's all lumpy and I have to throw it in the blender. It's good to celebrate the little things, especially when it's perfectly made gravy (nom nom nom).

    1. I knew I should have explained poutine. It's sort of a Canadian thing...

      It's traditionally french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy. And it's delicious. A lot of people will add other items too (ie. chicken). In the city where I go to school, we have a restaurant that sells 50 different variations on poutine. And it's soooo good!

    2. Yeah, I have never heard of that here, but it does sound really good. Pretty much anything on top of french fries is good -- I'm partial to the nuclear-waste orange cheese.


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