Top Ten Tuesday: REWIND

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This week, the topic is...
Top Ten Bookish People I Want To Meet

For this REWIND, I am going to revisit a topic that happened a few weeks ago, but I managed to miss somehow.  I don't remember what was happening that week to make me miss Top Ten Tuesday, but I assure you it was in no way exciting.  But do you know what is exciting?  The idea that someday I may meet some of these super awesome authors and bloggers!  So here we go...
  1. J.R. Ward:  I feel like being in her presence would leave me at a complete loss for words.  I would also likely bow.
  2. Richelle Mead: In this scenario, I would fan-girl like a 12 year old.  My cousin and I did name my car after one of her characters...
  3. Jennifer L. Armentrout: The newest author on my all-time favourite list.
  4. Pepe (aka the cover model for Daemon): Let's face it, he is not hard to look at.  I want to know if he's actually that hot in person...
  5. Cassandra Clare: Hopefully I will be crossing her off this list soon!  I am definitely going to her Toronto signing on November 3rd!
  6. Ellen Hopkins: Her writing is absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring.
  7. Moira Young:  I really just want to ask her what possessed her to write Blood Red Road quite literally in a Southern twang, because I love it!
  8. Josh Gates: He wrote a book and, therefore, counts!  I only want to fly around the world with him.
  9. Anna from Anna Reads:  She was the first book blogger I followed, and she's pretty good at it too!
  10. Grad Student from Young Adult Fiction & Whiskey Sours: Go follow now!  Grad Student, plus Goosie Mama and Crazy Camper, are super awesome and I love their blog.  They write great reviews, and Grad Student tends to be a hero and report back on the books I don't want to read (ie. Rapture, Crossed...).  Seriously, you're spectacular.
Much love, Samantha


  1. You have good taste :)


  2. I have actually met Richelle Mead. She's the only author I've ever met and Spirit Bound is the only book I've ever had signed. I also follow Anna Reads and she was the first blogger I ever followed too! Ironic!

    Check out my TTT. Also, new follower.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  3. GET OUT OF TOWN. You are too awesome! WE would totally take you out for drinks if you were in NYC! They would be strong and girly.

    Love your blog, too! But beware, I am trying to learn how to NOT finish terrible series!

  4. I picked the same topic, and I love your list!

    My TTT: http://shelversanon.blogspot.com/2012/10/top-10-tuesday-rewind-top-ten-bookish.html


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