Review: Shadow on the Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Published March 26th, 2013
Greenwillow Books
352 pages (Hardcover)
Durango has always relied on Mimi--once his tough-as-nails squad leader, she is now the bitingly sarcastic artificial intelligence flash-cloned to his brain. Mimi is the only reason he is alive.

Durango has always looked out for his devastatingly beautiful and brave second-in-command, Vienne--now wounded, crushed, missing. Vienne is the only reason he wants to live.

Durango hasn't always despised his father. But he does now. Lyme wants Durango to be the Prince of Mars, and he'll stop at nothing to realize that dream. He'll sacrifice anything and anyone in the name of domination. Even Mimi. Especially Vienne.
Lyme forgot one thing. You don't want to mess with Durango. (From Goodreads)
Action!  Action action action action action action action action action violence and more ACTION!

Can you tell that I liked Shadow on the Sun?  This is one of the most underrated series out there and deserves a lot more attention.

This book starts fast and does not slow down.  I like my books to be action-packed, but it never gets dull.  I'm also not a science fiction fan.  I like it, but I'd rather read something else.  This book is different.  I can't tell you exactly what it is, but there is something about David Macinnis Gill's writing that makes me love it.  I like to think it's part the action, part the snark.  And by snark, I mean Mimi.  Mimi's always there with a sarcastic response when you need one.  Some of the lingo and science-y stuff can get confusing, but it all works and comes together, leaving the reader satisfied.

Let's discuss Vienne for a second, and how she is one of my FAVOURITE CHARACTERS EVER!  She's tough as nails, confident, and a complete badass.  She's also true to what she believes in.  Having her perspective was great and gave even more power to her, as a character.  I can pretty much say the same thing about Durango.  I love their relationship and how it has developed.  In Black Hole Sun, it was a minor part of the story.  By this book, it has developed and ends up driving the story without turning this into a romantic novel.

If I had any complaints, it was just that the ending felt a little rushed.  This is the end of a trilogy and wrapped up the story, but left a few unanswered questions.  I finished the book and had a "That's it?" moment.  I'm hoping that room is just being left for the possibility of more books.  I was satisfied by the ending, but it simply felt a bit rushed and awkward.

Ultimately, this book, just like the past two in the series, have left me spinning and thinking that maybe I am a sci-fi reader.  Shadow on the Sun is an action-packed thrill that is nearly impossible to set down.  The story is great.  The world is great.  The characters are beyond awesome.  I can't ask for much more.

Much love, Samantha
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