Review: Until I Die by Amy Plum

Published May 8th, 2012
384 pages (Paperback)

I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.

It seems fitting that I fell in love in Paris. Under the city's glamorous surface there's a battleground of immortals.

Vincent, too, is an illusion. Handsome, chivalrous, and witty, he's got everything a girl could want . . . except mortality. But when I chose Vincent, I chose love over reason and safety.
Vincent swore to resist his very nature so that we can be together. But I refuse to stand by and watch him suffer. I'll do whatever it takes to fight against his fate. (From Goodreads)

I'm surprised that I waited so long to continue this series, but with book three of the trilogy out, I figured I should give it a go.  I'm glad I made this choice.

They're basically zombies!  How fun is that?!  While not technically "zombies" the idea of revenants is a refreshing change within the paranormal genre I already adore.  I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea of dying and coming back to life.  Intriguing, but a little weird.

As far as characters go, by far my favourites this time round are the secondary ones.  Jules, Ambrose and Georgia add a lightness to the book.  They're the humour, which a book about dying needs.  Vincent and Kate continue on with their undying love thing.  It's fine.  There's a little tension, but nothing major until a good chunk of the way into the book.  I really wanted Kate to do something "epic".  Her dialouge started to get a little predictable, and she really needed a spark in the plot to get her going again.  As I said though, the secondary characters really kept this book going for me.

The Parisian setting is likely my favourite part.  It makes me wish I was sitting there right now, drinking coffee on a patio to the scent of fresh bread.  I have never had such an urge to go to Paris in my life!  Kudos, Amy Plum.  My other favourite part was the ending.  Some of it was predictable, but parts of it were also completely unexpected, and have set up for an exciting third book!

While I really enjoyed this book, it was missing a little something.  Until I Die is a good sequel, but I hope for a little something more from the conclusion to this trilogy.

Much love, Samantha
PS.  I don't recall any leather pants in this one.  This makes me sad but hopeful...


  1. I have the first one on my kindle and I need to read it. It definitely sounds like something fresh in a pretty well established genre. And while I'm not sure I get the reference about leather pants, the idea that there could have been leather pants and there weren't leaves me kind of disappointed.

  2. I love this series! The secondary characters are all so wonderful. Georgia is my favorite. :) I'm glad you liked this one, and I hope you enjoy If I Should Die.



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