November Recap

Ah, November.  If I had a least favourite month, it would likely be you.
This here is why.  School dominates the month.  But I'm done!  I'm on winter break and only have one semester left in my undergrad.  I'M ALMOST A REAL PERSON GUYS!

Not a lot went down this month, but it's officially cold and snowy here.  The Christmas lights are up and it feels like the holidays.  Out with November, in with December!
What?  Not a country song?  Back in my early teen years, I loved Fall Out Boy.  I finally listed to their newest album Save Rock and Roll and I've been playing it non-stop.  Every song is fantastic.

Now, onto the good stuff.  Considering my lack of time, I did some good reading this month.  I made it count too, and really enjoyed each of these.  My reviews of Sentinel and A Little Too Much are already posted, with the rest coming up soon!

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