Coffee Talk #4: Reunions, Movies, and Saving Lives

So lately I haven't been giving this blog as much attention as it deserves.  I try to respond to comments and check out other blogs, and have been doing a pretty crap job.  Honestly, I don't really have a good excuse.  I could say it's because I work everyday, but only work about 5-6 hours a day.

So, here is my pledge to you guys that I will get back to dedicating more time to the blog-o-sphere.

And I'll start with an update on my existance life.

I was at work the other night, when a couple of my really good friends stopped by to surprise me.  Since I wasn't busy, I even got to sit and talk for a while.  Up to this point, my week had been going terribly, with the highlight of locking my keys in my car with a whole pile of ice cream earlier that day.  Anyway, they decided to stick around while I finished work, and we rushed to go see a movie.
How does anyone not love this man?

We saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  We managed to get there only a couple minutes late.  I liked the movie (Charlize Theron was creepy!), but I saw two distinct problems...

  • Kristen Stewart.  I'm sorry, but could you not have shown even a little emotion?  And why was your dialogue so forced?  That was some seriously bad acting right there.
  • The ending.  Why was the whole romance subplot left hanging?  Yes, it is implied that she ends up with The Huntsman, but really?  You're just gonna end it with no resolution whatsoever?  Plus, I was rooting for the other guy.  Thor is mine.
Fix those, and you've got yourself a movie.  

Random thought: Imagine Chris Hemsworth in Magic Mike?  Now that would be a good movie...

Saving Lives
Tomorrow, I get to recertify my CPR.  Again.  I have to every year.  CPR doesn't change all that much over the course of a year.  Neither does my routine of sitting there, eating snacks and pretending to pay attention. Maybe I will add planning blog posts to the list this year.  I think I choreographed a dance last year?

Okay, that sounds really bad on my part.  I promise that I do actually know how to properly perform CPR.

All this means that I am in for a particularly boring Saturday.  Just thought I would share that little factoid, and tell you all to enjoy your Saturday for me.

Much love, Samantha


  1. I agree with your thoughts on Snow White and the Huntsman. I wanted to love it, but KStew just kind of dragged it down. And the lack of resolution with the romance? Come on. Oh well.

    That picture of Chris Hemsworth is SO cute! :)

    1. Exactly! It had so much potential. KStew just felt so unnatural.

  2. Must say I have to agree on Chris Hemsworth *drool*. My boyfriend gets mad at me when I ogle Thor, haha. Why would they ever leave him out of Magic Mike?? I wasn't happy either at the lack of resolution with the love interest in Snow White and the Huntsman. I would enjoy my Saturday for you if I could, but I have a 12 hr shift that day!


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